What Happens When Homes Have No Books?

What an amazing article!

What Happens When Homes Have No Books

I grew up in a home full of books and regular trips to the library. I always loved to read. It wasn’t until much later that I realized what I huge part this played in my success, not just academically, but in life in general.
Books teach empathy, books increase vocabulary, books help our imaginations come alive, books help us to live other lives. Books are like little bound miracles.

Now that I have two beautiful children, the need to surround them with books, to instill a love for books, to let them know that no matter what, I will always stop what I’m doing to read them a book — that books are THAT important — is not just my responsibility, but my passion.

There are still many parents out there that don’t realize how important reading to their children is, far before they can understand or it seems to matter. Those first three years are crucial for development in speech and language.

Any books are great, but I’m grateful to have found some of the BEST books, ones that my children just can’t get enough of, and can enjoy on their own and with me. This has become increasingly important as my daughter is now in preschool and learning to read. And even more so now that my son, who was premature and has fought his whole life, is extremely delayed in speech and getting him interested in books has been more of a challenge. Guess what books are his favorite?

Learn more about Usborne books by visiting Honestly Bee Books and see why I am so passionate about getting these books into every home!


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